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Ria Michelle

If my nails aren’t long enough to slice your throat open at an ill word, I’m not happy.


The worst thing about morals is like you want to break them every now and again when you see a fine ass dude.


Please love yourselves enough to care about the appearance of your nails. You don’t have to have them polished or a weekly manicure, however I suggest it, but at least make the fuck sure there isn’t dirt underneath them. Also if your nails are polished and they are chipped horribly, take that nail polish of or re-polish them. Take pride in the little things as well, not just how your outfit looks.


sounds like my type of man


Really big mansions scare me like I would never want to live in a home with more space than I need that leaves room for ghosts and demons and im not down with that



i just wanna be financially stable while doing something i really fucking love and i want healthy relationships that help me evolve into an even better person than i already am! 

i think about this every night. i want this so bad. 

crawlbaby asked: Have you ever had a pen pal and if so, would you be up to have others?


yes i have but i am bad at keeping in touch with people

i don’t even text back properly because i am an asshole

i only text back at a reasonable length of time if you owe me money or i want to fuck you lol 

Accurate. Speaking from experience lol.

This girl right now with a whole long story…I didn’t ask her to tell me. Meanwhile I’m just trying to flip my weave to Beyoncé.